“Do you mind if I take that food?” Was the first words I ever said to Grammy award winner Estelle and her band. One of my moms friends was hosting a campaign for her non-profit. For entertainment she had Estelle come in to perform. Things started off not great, we had a bunch of technical difficulties so the bands instruments and the microphone weren’t working. Once we got that started things went a little better. Right before the performance ended I went out to go hang out with the valet workers, during parties my 11 year old self loved to…

Hi, Im Gideon Hock a 12 year old and today I will be sharing with you the story on how I met the Vice President. I was in my room playing video games when my mother walked in. I didn’t really pay any attention, she comes in my room all the time. but when she started to come over to me I looked at her, before I could say hi she said “Do you want to go to the Vice President's Residence” and without hesitation I say yes. She had been invited to a Christmas Party at the Vice President’s…

Gideon Hock

Young 12 Year old boy who is writing blogs for school!

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